Reasons Your Content Marketing is Hurting your SEO

As a modern marketer and business owner, you must realize that content marketing and search engine optimization are very important tools when it comes to taking your brand’s marketing to the next level. You need to get these two tools working together by developing an integrated marketing strategy. If you are in Perth WA there are many SEO Perth experts available to help facilitate you online marketing needs.

Content marketing focuses on creating high-quality, valuable, and relevant content to not only attract new leads but also drive some type of customer action. SEO, on the other hand, involves driving organic website traffic from search engines. Your digital marketing campaigns can only deliver best results when these two work hand-in-hand. Simply, put, they are interdependent. Here are some of the reasons your content marketing could be hurting your SEO. 

You’re Curating Content Incorrectly

You must always avoid duplicate content. Additionally, it’s important that you have a healthy balance of high-quality, original content and curated content. Keep in mind that great content marketing includes curation. However, the curation needs to boost and supper your search engine optimization (SEO). When using outbound links, make sure you’re leading your audience to authoritative sites with high quality and valuable content. 

You Aren’t Using the Right Keywords

There’s no way you’ll succeed at content marketing and SEO when you’re using the wrong keywords. Now, it’s not enough to research and have the right keywords. You must use them correctly. Commit yourself to creative better content than your competition. That means using the right keywords correctly and in the most effective way. Make sure your keywords match your business goals for branding, web traffic, conversions, qualified leads, and sales. 

You’re Focusing too Much on Short Tail Keywords

Your content marketing strategy should use phrases that your target audience is using to search for your products or services online. Using short tail keywords will only produce content that’s thin, vague, and weak. What do your customers want to know about your product? What do you offer that will interest them? How can my business add value to my customers? These are questions you must ask yourself. Use long tail keywords to create valuable content for your target audience. 

You Lack a Unified Strategy

To get best results, you need to have a documented content marketing strategy that you follow. Otherwise, how will your marketing efforts stay coherent? How will you accurately monitor and measure what’s working and what isn’t in order to improve? Lack of a unified strategy will sabotage your brand. Take time to research what’s working for winning brands in your industry before creating your strategy. You must define your KPIs and evolve your strategy with your business. 

You’re not using the Right Keywords in your SEO titles

Start by making your SEO page title unique. Focus on making your content page and title tag description work for you by using the right keywords. They don’t have to be identical, though. It’s important that you use keywords naturally in your content. Use H1 tags when creating your content and don’t forget to use Meta descriptions. 

You’re not Optimizing Images within your Content

To optimize your images, include an image title or name and an alt tag. The alt tag provides a description of the image to anyone who can’t see it. It should take you a few seconds to include an image name, so make sure you do it. Each image within the content should be relevant and signal what you’re writing about in an easily readable way. Optimizing your images will make them rank higher on search engines. To conclude there are many digital marketing agency specialists to suite your needs, you just need to find one that you trust. We recommend the team at Perth Digital Edge.

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